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Small Group of Residents Oppose Proposed Residential Tower, Citing Traffic Concerns


A group of residents from lower West Avenue have come out swinging against a proposed 154-unit residential tower on the 700 block of Alton Road, citing concerns over potential traffic issues.

These objections were voiced during two public hearings held at the Miami Beach City Commission in June and July.

However, the traffic study associated with the development suggests a different story.

According to the study, obtained through a public records request, the residential component of the development would lead to only 63 vehicular trips during the PM peak hour, typically the busiest time in Miami Beach.

This number is comparable to that of a mid-sized restaurant in South Beach.

Moreover, this figure doesn’t consider the diverse transportation modes in South Beach. Census data indicates that nearly 50% of residents opt for transportation alternatives besides private vehicles, such as walking, cycling, or utilizing public transit.

Interestingly, this same resident group opposes the planned Baylink extension of the Metromover to South Beach, a critical project that will bring much needed rapid transit while also reducing existing traffic congestion.

In addition, despite their traffic concerns, they have publicly endorsed a 150,000-square-foot office tower further up Alton Road, anticipated to produce considerably more vehicular traffic, particularly during the critical PM peak.

As the city’s full-time resident population continues to decline and housing becomes less affordable, there’s an increasing need to construct new non-waterfront multifamily housing.