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Miami Beach’s Population Continues to Fall


The US Census Bureau released figures last month, showing a continued decline in Miami Beach’s population.

The Bureau now estimates Miami Beach’s population to be 80,017.

This continues a decline first reported in the 2020 census, which showed a decrease in Miami Beach’s full-time population from 87,779 in 2010 to 82,890 in 2020.

The city has experienced a 3.5% population decrease from 2020 to 2022, a surprising statistic in light of the purported COVID boom. Local leaders have previously highlighted an influx of new residents to Miami Beach during this period.

During this same period, Florida’s population increased by over 700,000 residents.

Contributing factors to this ongoing decline include resident-unfriendly policies such as zoning changes that favor seasonal, second, and third homes. Additionally, rising property taxes have further fueled this trend.

The city’s failure to enact policies encouraging more full-time resident housing and tackle the ongoing mobility crisis have added to the challenges. There is a growing perception that the city is focused on projects connected to insiders, while neglecting socio-economic issues that affect the broader population.