Better Streets Miami Beach

‘Green Zone’ Considered for Ocean Drive and Lummus Park; Mobility Impacts Unknown


Tomorrow, the Miami Beach Commission will review a proposal to implement what’s being called a “secure perimeter” around Ocean Drive and Lummus Park for a period in March 2024.

Utilizing crowd control fencing, vehicle barriers, metal detectors, and technology appropriate for war zones, the proposal considers enclosing Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive and Lummus Park, and potentially the beach, from 5th to 14th Place during “Spring Break”.

Early estimates show this could cost upwards of $3 million dollars, in addition to other costs.

The three proposals, from vendor TCP Security Solutions, were posted onto the city’s website Wednesday afternoon.

They call for up to 96 walk through metal detectors, 10,000 feet of up to 12 foot tall fencing, and dozens of vehicular anti-terrorism barriers.

The City Manager’s memo does not address the potential impact of these measures on mobility.

Both the Ocean Drive protected bikeway and the serpentine shared use path in Lummus Park, which form part of the 7-mile long Miami Beach Beachwalk, fall within the proposed ‘secured perimeter’.

These safe and comfortable pathways accommodate thousands of pedestrians, cyclists, and other micromobility device users every day.

In addition, another item on the agenda seeks to reach an agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation to close the causeways leading to Miami Beach, if determined for public safety reasons.

Every day, tens of thousands of people use Miami-Dade County bus routes to travel between Miami Beach and the mainland.

The proposal does not specify any contingency to maintain access for public transportation.

These items will be considered during a special city commission meeting scheduled for tomorrow, beginning at 4 PM.