Better Streets Miami Beach

New Restaurant Philippe Chow Offering Transit Passes, Bike Share for Employees


Philippe Chow, an upscale Chinese restaurant from New York City, is planning to open a 13,000 square foot location in Miami Beach’s South of Fifth neighborhood early next year. The restaurant has agreed to provide sustainable transportation options for its employees amid ongoing concerns about increased traffic congestion in the dense, residential area.

Philippe Chow, on July 25th, sought approval as a neighborhood impact establishment (NIE), required for restaurants with over 200 seats, in the South of Fifth neighborhood. In just the past year, three other NIE restaurants have been approved, adding nearly 1,500 seats to the small neighborhood.

Residents and local leaders have raised transportation concerns as these large restaurants open.

In response to the Planning Board’s concerns about employee transportation, Philippe Chow agreed to offer transit passes and bike share memberships. This commitment reflects the restaurant’s desire to alleviate traffic issues as a new business in South of Fifth.

The Planning Board approved the conditional use permit by a 7-0 vote.

Catch Restaurant, the only one of the three other NIEs that has been approved in the past year, will offer a similar benefit to employees. Philippe Chow’s and Catch’s solution serves as a model for how large restaurants can promote sustainable employee commuting.

As South of Fifth continues to grow into a dining destination, restaurants must consider the impact that increased automobile traffic will have on the neighborhood.