Better Streets Miami Beach

Improved Bicycle Lanes Coming to the MacArthur Causeway


The Florida Department of Transportation has begun a long-planned project that will improve the bicycle lanes for 2.5 miles along the MacArthur Causeway, linking downtown Miami with Miami Beach’s South Beach neighborhood.

While the lanes will continue to be unprotected, they are being upgraded with the following improvements:

  • A 3-foot painted buffer
  • Over 1,000 3-foot tall tubular markers placed at 20-foot intervals
  • Continuation of the bicycle lane through the Jungle Island interchange

Florida Department of Transportation District 6 leadership stated in May at a Miami Beach Town Hall that a more hardened barrier is planned for the causeway. That is scheduled for construction in 2028.

Today, most people traveling on bicycle and micromobility devices (such as eScooters) utilize the protected Venetian Causeway bicycle lanes. However, the MacArthur is a more direct route for many places in South Beach.

The current project began construction in May and is scheduled for completion in the fall.