Better Streets Miami Beach

City Recommends Proposed Tower Engage Sidewalk Along Alton Road


The developers of Five Park, slated to become the tallest tower in Miami Beach, are proposing another tower just north of the new Canopy Park. Negotiations for a development agreement are underway with Miami Beach, and preliminary approval (known as the First Reading) is scheduled for June 28.

The concept plan, posted 36 hours before the Commission meeting, shows some of the details. Among these details is a 0-foot setback from the property line, combined with narrower sidewalks compared to those to the south.

The City Administration has concerns that the developers’ plan does not follow best planning practices. The concept plan appears to show the tower’s street level primarily containing automobile and bicycle parking.

As part of the development agreement there appears to be a small amount of space added to the adjacent public park. However, there is a land swap with the City, and the net amount of additional public space has yet to be identified.

Among the City’s Recommendations:

  • Tower should not exceed 150 feet
  • The 740 Alton Road Property shall be EXCLUDED from the proposed Development Agreement
  • The east elevation of the proposed residential tower completely redesigned to fully activate and engage the sidewalk along Alton Road, consistent with best planning practices.
  • The surface parking lot proposed adjacent to the revised one-story retail buildings on the south side of the park shall be removed.

First reading, which is a Public Hearing, is scheduled for June 28. Check back for an update to see if the Commission follows the City Administration’s recommendations.