Published: March 5, 2023

There are many questions and concerns throughout the community. We’ve heard and will answer many of the questions. Also, we’ll dispel the misinformation being spread by the “anti-rail” folks that don’t want rapid mass transit on South Beach.

Refresh this page as it’s a work in progress and will be updated.

Baylink Metromover is rushed and hasn’t been properly studied

False! Metromover (elevated rubber tire vehicle) was selected over three years ago by Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization Resolution on January 30, 2020.

Baylink will lead to a massive up-zoning on 5 Street

False! Miami Dade’s SMART Corridor Subzone explicitly excludes local historic districts*. Both sides of 5 Street (except for where the tallest and densest towers already exist) are within the Ocean Beach Historic District.
*Source: Ordinance No: O-22-106, Miami-Dade County Code, Passed and adopted Sept 1, 2022

There have been no environmental impact studies

False! The Draft Environment Assessment, in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA),  for the Beach Corridor Rapid Transit Project was released in July 2022. In addition, there was a Public Hearing on Miami Beach in August 2022.

There will be one station on Miami Beach and it will “dump” people at 5 Street and Lenox Avenue

False! There are plans for two stations – one on the west side of the island and the other on the east side.

There is no plan to move people once they get onto Miami Beach

False! The plan has envisioned a circulator type system with frequency service via dedicated bus/trolley lanes on Washington Avenue to the Convention Center. In addition, Miami Beach is coordination with the TPO has been working on a bicycle, pedestrian, and micromobility first/last mile action plan.

There’s more transit demand over I-195/Julia Tuttle Causeway than I-395/MacArthur Causeway

False! The most recent Ridership Report from Miami-Dade County shows over 75% of bus passengers that cross the two major Biscayne Bay causeways do so over I-395/MacArthur Causeway linking South Beach and Downtown.

What about Ferries?

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